Living Heritage François Malkovsky's Free Dance by Suzanne Bodak
notation Karin Hermes - Sunke as interpreted by S. Bodak
edited by Mouvement-Musique

"My objective is to preserve the aesthetics of a form of dances".

In 1912, Malkovsky met Raymond and Isadora Duncan. These contacts deeply influence his approach of an art of movement.

He performed his choreographies from 1922 to 1948. In 1950 the dancer became educator until 1980.

He teaches through his basic movements and his choreographies a dynamic free body, a "free dance" or "danse libre",

wich he calls an "art of living" or "art de vivre".


An important historical introduction explane Malkovsky's thought and stylistic features.

Scores in labanotation/kinetography Laban of 28 basic movements according to five principles and nine soli and one group choreography, both with an introduction and glossary.

An audio CD, whose music corresponds to each choreography and exercice noted, in the book. Piano: Alexandre Bodak

ISBN: 2-9516516-1-9 Price: 20 Euros

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Synopsis of book






François Malkovsky

Milestones in the live

"To dance"

"Harmonius" dance

Dance for "All of Us"

Notation Kinetography

Notating Free Dance


Basic movements


Totality in succession


Alternating laterality

Play (ball games)

Notated choreographies

Lullaby (introduction)

Lullaby (score)

"Constant Thought" (introduction)

"Constant Thought" (score)

Mazurka (introduction)

Mazurka (glossary)

"Morning Song" (introduction)

"Morning Song" (score)

Grande Valse (introduction)

Prelude (introduction)

Prelude (score)

Malkovsky to dancers

The authors

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CD contents. Piano Alexandre Bodak

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