«My career as a teacher as always been linked to my career as a dancer. I discovered Malkovsky in 1958, after a training course entitled "natural movement and philosophy of gesture". I understood the interest of this type of dance for teaching and artistic purposes.

I'm also convinced that, through its originality and its 1920's aesthetic, free dance has its own place in the world heritage of Dance. Therefore, after 40 years of practice and teaching at several levels,

I decided to leave this "living heritage" by choosing the universal language of the Laban notation».

notation laban extract solo desire

Put the acquisitions of mobility and the dance at the centre of teaching for children at nursery school.

«Offer everyone the possibility to feel at ease in their own bodies and with other people»

Develop an approach to Free Dance which is somatic, creative, technical and artistic, in accordance with a contemporary dance pedagogy and with a constant renewal linked to her own discoveries and thoughts, respecting Malkovsky's own philosophies.

Transmit the repertoire, giving a modern content to an aesthetic from another era.




Teacher in nursery school from 1958 to 1987.

Educational consultant for Physical Education and Sports in a zone for priority education from 1987 to 1996.


 Projects realised

Participation in pre elementary research for INRDP (National Institute for Pre elementary Research Department) with a course "experimental areas".

Experimental protocol with a pilot class to analyse the influence of a pedagogy of natural movement, of free dance, on sketches and a bodily schema.

Training for teachers as requested by the Inspector of National Education.

Participation in several "IUFM" (University Institute for Teacher in Elementary School training)

Organisation of workshops of artistic expression for classes in an area for priority education in Val de Marne as part of a network called "School Dancing" (Danse à l'école).

study basic movement in free dance


Conception and realisation of two films concerning the teaching of "natural movement".

Participation ,with a class, in a film realised by INRDP (see above) : "Rhythm, Prosody, Reading", which was broadcast on TV, in the series "Teaching Workshops".

Production of ten teaching articles for the publication "French nursery school".


Diplomas and Awards

Dupuy Dalbarède Prize for artistic activities with children and adults in 1986

Chevalier of "Palmes academiques" in 1984

CAFIMF (Qualifying Certificate for the training of teachers and masters) with a paper entitled "Another look at the mobility of children" 1987.

Exemption from National Diploma of Dance Teachers in 1990.

basic movement in free dance



Student of Malkovsky's (free dance) between 1960 and 1970 in Paris.

Followed the training offered by the "Biennale du Val de Marne" and the"Rectorat" for the contributors to the Workshop of Artistic Practice" (Maguy Marin, Ch Bastin, José Montalvo, Brigitte Dumez, Fabrice Dugier, Sylvia Baggio...).

Training courses with Peter Goss, Tricha Baumann (BMC) and Cécile Proust at the Mas de la Danse on a theme of children's play and the dance, initiation to writing of motifs.

Study Laban notation at the CNEM (Centre National d'Écriture du Mouvement) with Jacqueline Challet-Haas.

Bodak free dance Malkovsky

Teacher of Free Dance since 1971

As the Artistic Director of "Movement Music", teaches the technique and the repertoire of Malkovsky so his Dance can be a memory which is alive, through the analysis of several aspects of his philosophy, according to three levels of teaching: leisure dancing, educational dancing and artistic dancing.

Founder of a group of choreographic research "Brise et Lande" with members of "Movement Music".

Presentations of her own dance choreographs, and those of Malkovsky , in the context of piano & dance recitals with Alexandre Bodak in France and abroad : Bornem (Belgium) and the French Embassy in Washington.


Symposium at the Sorbonne : "Dance Reconstitution and Conservation " in 1983.

Music School Martenot, School Marie Jaëll : Work on the amplitude of movement from listening and from the practice of instruments in 1985 and 1989.

Training courses in Free Dance in the regions of France, by invitation.

Congress ICKL in Barcelona (1999) presentation with Karin Hermes-Sunke on Malkovsky's works and the notation of his dance.

Congress ICKL at Colombus University (2001) : session of reading the notation of the ball games from Malkovsky.


Production of 9 discs of musical works recorded by Alexander Bodak to accompany studies of Free Dance.

Production of a video cassette presenting Malkovsky's soli and her own creations : "Tribute to Malkovsky". (Hommage à Malkovsky)

Document relating the musical partition and the succession of movements in the 8th Slavonic dance of Dvorak, choreography of Malkovsky

Publication of a detailed document (272 pages) on the philosophy and works of Malkovsky

With the co operation of Karin Hermes-Sunke, notator :

Living heritage Malkovsky's Free Dance

Mémoire vive d'un héritage ; la danse libre de Malkovsky

Published in French and in English by Movement Music in March and May 2001.

See Web site :


Centre National d'Ecriture du Mouvement CNEM.

International Council of Kinétographie Laban ICKL.

Dance Notation Bureau New York DNB.

Association Nationale des Notateurs du Mouvement : L'Envol des Signes.

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